Saturday, August 02, 2008

Things were buzzing at Mystic Paper today!

Mike taught his "Old World Journeys" Beeswax Collage today. These are just a few of the ladies that joined him. They had four themes to choose from for their journey. Of course there's always one rebel in every class and she brought her own materials to create her own theme.
This group took the class to celebrate CeCe's birthday. And see the young lady in the light blue top...that's Marija, who just arrived this morning from Serbia. Imagine, get off the plane and go straight to the classroom. We also had a student from Australia in this class. What a perfect theme! It really was a journey for two students!

Here are a couple of the finished collages up close. Everyone completed their projects and were thrilled with them! It's hard to see in the picture but there are layers of beeswax holding all of the elements of the collage and the wax is stamped in and colored with inks and powders.

This was our second class of the day. Suzette taught her "If The Shoe Fits" class. Christy on the far right took both classes and had to drive back to Anthem tonight. What a trooper. And Lynn, in the center is taking classes at Art Unraveled starting Monday. So, with today's class she will be taking seven classes in nine days! We're glad she started here.

Just a few of the supplies for this class.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their classes. It was a fun filled Saturday and we'll be back tomorrow to do it all over again. That's right, we are open on Sundays now 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. And, in the very near future we will be offering classes on Sundays. That will help all of you football widows out there! See you soon!


Jennifer and Kim said...

Can I just ask "what's up with blogger?" I have tried and tried to get the font to be the same size and it just won't do it. Oh well, at least you can read it! kj

CeCe said...

Who cares "what is up with blogger?" In any size font what YOU have to say is a buzz! This was one beesy fun filled day. Thanks Mystic Paper. Mike, you are the best. Judy, so good to see you again. Everybody else, sign up for a class. How about starting with the paper doll card class we have requested for Friday afteroon/evening. It is $35. and the samples are darling. They are on display. Call the store if you are interested!

Jennifer and Kim said...

CeCe, you are also BEESY being too funny!