Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are You Kitting Me?

Jennifer has been very busy printing and packaging. She puts together the most adorable kits. These are little tag kits and she has found the most adorable graphics ever to print on the tag for you.

This is my personal favorite. This Bird Paper Kit will make a lot more than one page. It is packed full of the most adorable bird and botanical things that she could find including a sheet of the wonderful ephemera that she makes up. It's so nice to have a graphic artist for a business partner!
This is the other side of the bird kit. As you can see, it is jam packed!

This is a close up of the tag that's included. Is this gorgeous or what?

O.K. enough of the birds already...Here's the beach kit which also includes a custom sheet of Beach Ephemera.

Ahhhh...a very vintage Baby Kit. Oh so cute. Includes vintage baby ephemera and vintage wall paper.

Just in time ~ Back To School (which is where Tucker will be tomorrow!)

This is what it looks like when the creating frenzy is going on!

And this is what it looks like Jennifer needs nutrition after spending the day "Kitting"!

And remember, we will ship to you. We're working on our online store so for now you can call us and pay over the phone.

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Anonymous said...

That is one unattractive photo if I do say so myself. But then I haven't liked pictures of me in probably the last 15 years.