Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washi or not to Washi...

Washi Tape was all the rage at the Winter CHA show. Everyone was all a buzz about the WASHI!
Many of you have been asking and now we have it!

Washi tape is made from traditional Japanese washi paper, it's excellent for decorating packages, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, card making and it's photo safe!

Washi tape in wonderful solid colors~ Brights and Jewel Tones and even some Stripes! So for those of you who've been asking and for those of you with tape fetishes (um...I'm not naming names, but you know who you are) it's here.
Now everyone can WASHI!

Did I mention that yesterday we received 4 big boxes of new product and today we received 4 more boxes of new product! We have new stuff still waiting for some shelf space. I tell ya, it's been a very busy week.

In one of today's boxes we opened we found NEW SOMERSET STUDIO...



Now that is a lot of lookin' and readin' that needs to get done.
Have fun with the new issues!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday I sent out an email promising everyone these for the weekend...

It looks like UPS didn't think it was that important that they bring them to us today. So we'll be getting them Monday afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we'll have 'em next weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It pays to keep an eye on our Blog...

Why? Because last weekend if you pre-ordered Tim Holtz's new Idea-ology products, and spent over $50 you were entered into a drawing to win this!
"A Compendium of Curiosities" by non other than Tim Holtz!

And guess what else? It's autographed by Tim Holtz too!

And guess who won! That's right Jodie, you are the WINNER!

Your book will be here the next time you come in Jodie.
Thanks everyone for pre-ordering all of the great new Idea-ology products, you'll all be the very first to get it in your creative little hands.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Happenings...

Just a few things happening tonight!

First off is Tricia demoing the NEW Canon Selphy Printer. From 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Bring your digital camera or memory card and Tricia will show you how this sweet, handy and very dandy little compact portable printer works! She'll print out 5 photos for you to take home-FREE! This awesome printer prints in black& white, sepia, color, and has some amazing special effects that you can do to your photos. You can also crop photos right there on the printer and then print them out! You won't be disappointed with this demo! No other printer on the market like it. This really is a fun little machine~ especially if you take tons of photos.

Next beginning promptly at 7:00 P.M. is our "LIVE" ATC Swap!
This month's theme is CHOCOLATE! If you have made 6 to 10 ATC cards come on down to trade!

Tonight is also Downtown Mesa's Friday Night Out!
Join Downtown Mesa Merchants for "Sweethearts on Main". Many things going on around Main Street this evening. Including this...

Get ready for a fun filled night!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay, here's what we're gonna do...We know that you are out there and that you're reading the blog...we just don't get many comments from you. So if you are reading the blog, here's a little something special. This Friday and Saturday~ in honor of Valentine's Day and how sweet all of you are, we will have a little Pre-Order Party. Just for the NEW Tim Holtz Idea-ology line.
Come in and prepay for your items with a 15% discount!
How SWEET is that? Here's some of the NEW Idea-ology products...

Idea-ology Adornments

Idea-ology Foundations (4 feet per package)

Idea-ology Accoutrements

Idea-ology Locket Keys

Idea-ology Memo Pins

Idea-ology Time Pieces

Idea-ology Ruler RibbonIdea-ology Tissue Tapes in four different designs.
Lost & Found (our favorite)
Retro Grunge
Vintage Shabby
Tim's NEW Book "A Compendium of Curiosities"

If you have read and scrolled all the way down here to the bottom of this post and have read all the's an extra little something. When you come into the shop this Friday 12th and Saturday 13th, for every $50 you spend, you will be given a raffle ticket. What will you win?
An autographed copy of Tim Holtz's NEW Book "A Compendium of Curiosities"!
Isn't that SWEET?

Monday, February 08, 2010

More Classes Added this Weekend By Popular Demand...

2 Love Potion Mini Book Classes have been added to the schedule! If you didn't get to make it last weekend now is your chance. Spots are limited so please call to sign up ASAP.

Friday the 12th
4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.


Saturday the 13th
3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

More classes have been added to the Mystic Paper website this morning as well~ so check 'em out!
scrump·tious [skruhmp-shuhs]

–adjective very pleasing, esp. to the senses; delectable; splendid: a scrumptious casserole; a scrumptious satin gown; a scrumptious vintage seam binding.

I can't help myself...I found more Vintage Seam Binding~ some of these colors are just 2die4!

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Storm before the Calm...

Yes, it's that time of year again. It's let's move furniture time at Mystic Paper! And in order to do that, we end up having to move this over here so that can go over there. But we have to move this first and put this on the floor so we can set that there. We also have to fight with all the dust bunnies that are running loose. SHEESH~What a mess!

If you came into the shop today we hope you didn't mind all the mess. Literally things were all over the floor and in a couple of weeks we will most likely move most of it again to make room for all the new product.

Kevynn was very patient with all the rolls and rolls of ribbon. Oh wait, here's another roll!

Good job Kevynn.

More moving of things will be happening around the shop for the next couple of months while we wait for all of the cool finds to come in from CHA
(the fun Trade Show where we get to order all kinds of new products)
Can't wait for all of you to see it. We'll keep ya'll posted, so stay tuned...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Bunch of Little Things we LOVE...

First, we want to remind you that we have some incredible Valentine's paper, ephemera, and embellishments for you to make the one you LOVE something special...hint, hint hubbies, we also sell gift certificates!

There are a couple of spots left in Suzette's "LOVE Potion Mini Book" class this Saturday!
This class will be from 10:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. so ask your LOVE if you can come in to take the class and make something that you will LOVE! It's so full of techniques it's yummier than Chocolate!
Make sure you call to sign up as soon as you can, we're sure this will fill up quickly.

We have been very busy this past week changing up the shop, it's that time of year where I think everything needs to be moved around...including furniture. So you may notice some new things going on. All of the cute vintage purses are now gone, but we've replaced them with Vintage Photos and Hankies! Who doesn't LOVE either of those?

New and Restocked Cavallini goodies!
Tins of Paris Labels

There are so many things you can do with the labels, like the Botanical ones on tiny little bars of soap...ah......good idea. Clean too!

Tins of Paris Rubber Stamps...LOVE them!

Many of the large Wrap Sheets are back in stock too.

I know that this is a Christmas paper, but it was so popular around Christmas time that we just couldn't keep it in stock. Now you can make the Christmas Banner Patty made for her Design Team Project that everybody LOVEd!

The new Botanical Butterfly paper...LOVE it!

New & Restocked File Folders~ needless to say...LOVE them!

Who doesn't LOVE some Vintage Trim?
Some I have found in different places including my own stash at home (mostly the pink stuff).

Silk Seam Binding...LOVE it!

New colors of Scrim.

Did you know that we are now selling Crepe Paper by the yard in wonderful pretty colors?
Try this equation...Glimmer Mist + Crepe Paper = LOVE

Pom Pom Fringe...or what I LOVE calling dingle balls.