Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer CHA...

Sure, we didn't go to Chicago this Summer, but look who's bringing us some NEW product!

That's right it's our favorite UPS guy Jeff who delivered our Cosmo Cricket! CC has won Mystic Paper over as a customer, thanks to lovely Amy who helped us out. We love the fact that they (CC) have impeccable customer service, which is what we (MP) strive for.

This is the gorgeous Wanted line. Sure we know that it's been around for awhile, but it is just so pretty and y'all know who is into the whole Cowgirl craze...wait, is it officially a craze, you know like the whole bird craze that's been happening? Well, even I think it's a craze and I'm not even into it. Although I did make a lovely cowgirl mirror recently. -jw

Stay tuned for more CC possibly next week, it'll be scary!

1 comment:

Paper Princess said...

You ladies know that I'm thrilled you are caring CC :)!!!!!!!!!!!! All I have to say...Is about time :) LOL!