Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our classroom was smokin'... literally smokin'

Mike started the morning off with pots and pots of beeswax for his Grandma's Woods class. These students bravely jumped right in after learning everything they needed to know about safely using this medium.

Each student created something different based on their own vision. Mike brought suit cases full of pictures and transparencies that they had the freedom to dig through and use to their hearts content.

Each student had their own story to tell.

Not one board looked alike. Or looked like the class sample for that matter.

That's what everyone loves about Mike's classes. Creative freedom and lots of ephemera and images to choose from!

The second "smokin" class of the day was with Josie.
The soldering irons were fired up and ready to go!

Josie said the creative mojo was really flowing with these students. They all created scrabble initial necklaces encased in glass. When class was over they joked that they have started a private club and they have to wear their necklaces and have a private handshake. That's what we love about our classes, students, and's all about creative fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We want to thank CeCe...

She wrote this wonderful article about our store that's in Country Register's Current issue.
If you click on the link CeCe's story starts on page 10.

And if you read CeCe's Blog~ N Your Dreams, she talks about our Altered Apron Silent Auction. Our auction is for a great cause, it's for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark. CeCe is willing to pay for any of the Altered Aprons shipping. So if you live in another sate and want to bid on one of these aprons you won't have to pay for us shipping it to you. That is brilliant CeCe.
Thanks so much for offering.

Bernie is asking everyone to contact Animal Planet and tell them that A Place to Bark needs to have it's own Reality Show. Bernie has posted a video on YouTube asking everyone to Twitter to Animal Planet, but since we don't Twit I found the link for you to contact Animal Planet. So please write them and email, or comment on their Facebook page about A Place to Bark.

Thanks to all of you for helping out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everyone's Favorite Fair Weather Friend...

PVA is back in stock. It's hard to schedule the ordering of this product when you're in Arizona. We forget that it snows in other parts of the country. This stuff won't ship out in the Winter months because it will freeze and become ruined. that it's nice and hot already in Arizona, we have tons of PVA!

And for your viewing pleasure...New Somerset Magazines!

Sew Somerset and their debut publication Art Quilting Studio. Both of these are full of great photos as usual.

This punch seams to be the favorite craft punch of the season. It's nice and big and it's the perfect punch for gift tags.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This teacher uses power tools!

Caroline taught another form of her infamous canvas books which requires the use of many power tools.

Here's just a bit of the supplies she brings in for her students to use. It usually takes Caroline 3 trips from her car to the classroom to bring everything in.

Here's her happy class and some of the power tools they used to put this fun recipe book together.

This is the second class of the day. Patti has become our in house family history teacher. She taught "Once Upon A Time" to this group of ladies.

This fun fold out book was made to tell a family story and lucky for these ladies they were all related to Patti and the people in Patti's book. They didn't have to come up with photos or a story. Patti did the work for them. Same family, same story, and a great family get together!

This sweet lady was waiting for me to open the store this morning and she made my day! Joan has been coming from Chicago since we first opened our doors almost 5 years ago. She always has so many compliments for our store. She loves the type of product we carry and was back to stock up before she has to leave. She loved the yummy Graphic 45 paper line Communique. It's right up her alley since she worked for the phone company for many years. Thanks for popping in Joan and I hope your special day turned out beautiful!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How could we have forgotten these new stamps?

We have three of the new Tim Holtz Stamps from Stampers Anonymous. They're gorgeous and aren't going to last long!

We are also restocked on many of the Tim Holtz Idea-ology metal embellishments.

Just a reminder, we are CLOSED on Monday, May 25th for MEMORIAL DAY.
We are open on Sunday May 24th 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you ready for a very long, CRE8TiV holiday weekend?

Are you planning to be creative this Memorial Day weekend?
If so, make sure you come in and stock up on some supplies, here are a few new products that just may get your creative mojo going!

Teresa Collins double sided papers.

New Perfect Pearls.

Along with Perfect Pearls Pens, Perfect Medium, pads, and brushes.

These are Brand New from Ranger~ Memory Capsules! Are you in the mood to make some dimensional jewelry? This is just what you'll need. These work perfectly with the Ranger Memory Frames and Memory Glass. You can fill them with any dimensional objects that suit your fancy and you have instant fun jewelry~ and who doesn't love that?!

Here's an example of what you can do with the Memory Capsules...Cool Huh?

We're completely restocked with Memory Glass in all sizes. And, if you're soldering this weekend we have the self clamping tweezers and Memory Foil Tape back in stock along with all of our other soldering supplies you'll need.

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday. We will enjoy it by closing on Monday. Remember, we are still open on Sunday's through the end of this month.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silent Auction For A Great Cause...

We still have some of the beautiful Altered Aprons that were in our Silent Auction. The proceeds from these aprons will go to Bernie Berlin's "A Place To Bark". We are trying really hard to raise money for our art friends non-profit organization. Please e-mail us and place a bid on one of these aprons. Our customers worked very hard to turn the ugly aprons we gave them into works of art and they did a great job. So check them out and decide which one you can't live without. Then e-mail your bid to .

Apron #2

Apron #2

Apron #3

Apron #3

Apron #5

Apron #5

Apron #6

Apron #6

Apron #7

Apron #7

Apron #8

Apron #8

Apron #10

Apron #10

Apron #11

Apron #11

Apron #13

Apron #13

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Altered Apron Silent Auction...

Our Silent Auction for all of the beautiful altered aprons our customers have made has now ended. Some of the aprons sold and some are still available. If you were the highest bidder on one of the aprons we will contact you via email. In order for us to help raise as much money as possible for Bernie Berlins "A Place To Bark" we will be reposting the available aprons on this blog. Please watch for it and be ready to place your bid!

Bernie is a wonderful artist who is doing everything she can to save the helpless dogs and cats who are becoming victims of our economy not to mention the puppy mills that are out there. We are sure that Bernie will greatly appreciate all the support we can give her.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just in Time for the Weekend...

We have completely restocked each and every line of Graphic 45 paper! This paper never lasts long around here so you better hurry in. Besides, it's hot outside. We highly recommend shopping and then staying inside where it's nice and cool and being creative! Another "stay cool" idea is to sign up for one of our classes. We'll keep the classroom nice and chilly for you! We've got some outstanding classes coming up. Check them out on our Class Calendar.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

As Promised...
Today's Incoming...Cosmo Cricket!

We have Spinner Cards~ Look at the Spin the Bottle! It's so cool, it looks just like an old coke bottle.

And Cosmo's Newest line...
Early Bird this line is amazing, it has tons of retro kitchen and it's full of kitsch too.
We can't get over the polka dots!

This is Cosmo's Vintage Bridal line
Everafter...this line has gorgeous colors and fun vintage images. The chipboard stickers and rub-ons are very pretty. Some of our Adirondack inks and paints match this line perfectly.

We also brought in Cosmo's Halfway Cafe...we think it's very rustic and perfect for July 4th!