Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh So Pretty!

Vintage German Glass Glitter is back in stock with some new colors.

And look who's watching over the rest of the new colors...We have a bunch of these skeletons hanging around to watch over the Halloween Glitter! The orange and black are gorgeous together. If you're looking for a skeleton, we've got them and Bob is certainly enjoying the company!

Oh so educational!

Kim Hesson taught her first class at Mystic Paper Saturday. She really taught these ladies tons of technique. We could tell from the messy hands that everyone had a great time!

She does great demonstrations.

Later in the afternoon Caroline taught her Dick and Jane School Book. The class was small but the request for kits is going to keep Caroline busy this weekend. Our teachers are always happy to provide you with a kit if you can't make it to class (if it is a class that is kitable). They will also e-mail you with pictures and instructions. They're just nice that way!

Lot's of cutting and inking in this class!

We appreciate the comments about being closed on Monday. We are going to take your advice and stay home. We did have a request from a group in Tucson to open early on Tuesday morning. We will be open at 8:30 A.M. If anyone else has a request for special hours just let us know! Have a great weekend!

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