Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Does everyone remember what they were doing 8 years ago today? Well I do!
I was getting married! Happy Anniversary babe! Can't believe how time flies. We blended two families together, saw them all graduate from high school, and a few from college, and now we're grandparents to 4 beautiful children! It's been a busy 8 years and I've loved every minute of it! Just had to share this!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a beautiful Sunday! No air conditioner running, windows and doors open. Ahhh, nice weather....

And with this nice weather, brings more rennovation to the store. DH and brother are busy putting in a new tile entry way. Beats the cement floor that greeted our customers and the customers at the Antique Store. Little by little it's coming along. Here's Mike working on the finishing touches and being watched by our store mascot Ernie the rooster! Mosaic tile is beautiful to look at but when it comes to cutting those little tiny pieces to finish the edges, well, let's just say we're glad Mike is here!

Here is a picture from yesterday's class with Chris Herrmann. She taught us how to use Ranger's Alcohol Inks, Melting Pot, UTEE, and Memory Frames. You rock Chris. That was such a fun class!

We had our first ATC swap this month. The theme was Ocean and we got some really nice entries. Come on and join us. The more the merrier and the more ATC's we get to trade! September's swap theme is artist choice. They are due on September 15th and can be picked up on the 20th. You don't have to be present to join in. Judy Bidwell will pick up the cards and distribute them.

Kinda hard to see, but the ATC's are in the store for you to appreciate.

I think I'm getting better at posting pictures, don'cha think? Here's just one more to see if I can really do it!

This is what happens when Ellen leaves her soda in the freezer and forgets about it. She really wanted that soda too!

Here's to a great week!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Once again, long time no blog...Susan Keuter was in yesterday and has promised more blog lessons when she gets back from The Big Apple! How exciting to get to go to New York and even more exciting to go with a bunch of scrapbooking women. Have a great time Susan and remember, what happens in New York stays in New York (we hope).

Our store has been very busy. All of the teachers have been coming up with awsome classes. Today Chris Herrmann kept the store buzzing teaching a class using alcohol inks, Memory Glass, and Memory Glass Frames. Sooo much fun! Jennifer and I actually got to sit in on this class. There's a first! Chris does not believe in rules so there were a class full of rebel women all doing their own thing once Chris gave them the basics. We all had such different results.

Our Imagine Takes Flight (ITF) kits have been getting better and better each month. If you don't know what that is here's the jest in a nutshell. We put together a kit, you purchase it for $5.00, take it home, make whatever you want using the contents of the kit and whatever else you want. Bring it back to us, it gets judged (not by us) and the winner gets next months kit free! Again, it is so nice to see how different everybodies entry is. Here are this months entries...

A composition book by Pam Snow

A Treasure can by Emily Holgate that was filled with a delicious treasure of candy!

And a beautiful Heritage Treasure page by Violet Rogers. Violet's page won this month. And you can see, by these beautiful examples, this is why we don't judge. Who could pick? But let's spice this competion up and get alot more entries next month. The kits are ready and waiting for you to pick up, create, and bring back. And, I have to mention that the pictures don't do these entries justice. Please come check them out in person before their owners pick them up. You'll be glad you did. Which one would you have voted for?

Did you get a copy of this month's Legacy magazine? Our teacher, Judy Bidwell was published in it. To get a feel for how photography does not do the layouts justice, stop by the store. We have the magazine and Judy's actual project. You will see how different it is to see the project in person and then to see the photo in print. You can only imagine how gorgeous the things are that we don't get to see in person. Our teacher, Jennifer Wagner has also been published in Creating Keepsakes the last two months. Not to brag, but we do have the best teachers!!

It's great to be back and hopefully you will see a much improved blog format (that's long for fancier) when Susan get back. Have a blast Susan!