Saturday, August 09, 2008

Another Great Time at Mystic Paper!

This little group made a special request for the "Paper Doll" Card class. It was taught by Meri Wiley and it was the first class Meri has taught here. What a success! Not only did this group attend, we had several other ladies that were free on a Friday evening to come take the class too.

Meri was super prepared and brought cases and cases of, well, of just about everything!

Flowers & buttons galore!

Lots of paper doll images. Men, women, boots, hats. She even brought funny faces for everyone to use if they wanted. CeCe tried that out!

Here's Bonnie's work in progress.

And here's CeCe's monkey faced bride. I don't think she left it that way but it sure was cute!

Our "Special Request" classes are really turning out great. If there's ever a class you want to take that isn't scheduled at a convenient time for you, let us know. We're always happy to try and pull a class together for you and your group! We're just that way...

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CeCe said...

Yes, you are just that way and we are just so grateful. It was such a fun evening.