Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello again! It's been a very long and busy four months since I have taken the time to write in this blog. If you haven't been in for awhile we are in our new "old" store. To say that we love it would be an understatement. Rick and Mike did an awsome job of remodeling for us. There are so many things that we love about this store that we couldn't name one favorite! Are you wondering who won the grand prize at our Grand Opening? The lucky winner is Kim Babson. Here she is with her stash!

Our Grand Opening was fantastic. We thank everyone who came and made it such a special weekend. Our teachers, Chris, Ellen, Jennifer, Judy, Michelle, and Susan did some great make and takes and demos. I think everybody loved seeing and hearing about all of their creative ideas. Let's just say those ladies ooze creativity. How lucky are we? Are you wondering who won the grand prize at our Grand Opening? The lucky winner is Kim Babson. Here she is with her stash!

And the presents that our customers brought or sent to the store were so nice. Let's see, there's the card holder that Shirley Seay made for us. How perfect is that! A 7 Gypsies card holder no less. A Jar Fairie to watch over our store, from Susan Johnson, along with some beautiful strawflowers. A bunch of the most purple carnations you have ever seen from Colleen Jew and Mary Beth Culp. I had pictures of all of these, but can I find them right now? No...they're somewhere in the deep dark files of my computer. You guys spoil us! Thanks!

For those of you that got to meet Jennifer Wagner at the Grand Opening I don't need to tell you how talented she is. There are more of her creations posted on the web site along with the pictures and descriptions. Judy Bidwell is hard at work getting ready for the Altered Recipe Book class. I will be calling everyone next week with the inside info. Ellen has truly come up with the most adorable purse scrapbook. It's an Ellen original, and different from the one she taught at Memory Lane. Susan Johnson is teaching her classes on Sundays. I know that doesn't work for alot of you, but if Sunday is a good day for you look at her "How To Be Happy" altered book. Sundays are nice and quiet, not the usual hustle and bustle that we have during the week.

In addition to our big store move, Jennifer and I both moved to new houses. In my case I have to say a new "old" house kinda like the store. It was built in 1915 and still needs alot of work. Jennifer is much closer to the store now and can spend more time at the store after she goes to her other full time job. YUK!! A direct quote from Jennifer "I say SUPER YUK!"

Here's one picture I did find, so I'll leave you with a beautiful view of the new store.

Til next time, and I promise it won't be four months!

Kim and Jennifer