Friday, January 20, 2006

Woo Hoo! It's Friday night and we are having another fun night of chick flicks, food, chocolate (Oh, that's a food isn't it) and lots of cropping. Here I am at the computer, being unsociable, except to you blog heads. I promised you a preview of the new Basic Grey so here goes....

OH MY GOSH!!!! They have 5 (that's right FIVE) new lines. Of course, we loved them all. And I have to say, Jennifer really loved them, literally. Have you ever noticed that Jennifer pets (yes PETS) her paper. I think Nate (our new close and personal friend from Basic Grey) got a real eye opener!!

Now, back to the new lines...Like I said, there are 5. We wanted to take pictures but, Nate wouldn't go for that, so here's the new names. Just use your imagination and put it in Basic Grey mode...

Color Me Silly
Hang 10
Urban Couture
Oh Baby Boy
Oh Baby Girl

Plusssss, New Rub-ons, metal embellishments, and Ribbon (that's right baby, ribbon) that coordinates with the new papers as well as the beloved fibers.

Nate brought presents too! We now have a Basic Grey Notch Tool that you can come in and try out. It's always fun to try these tools before you buy them! We will also take preorders for anyone who is interested in reserving one. Can you tell, we had fun!

So, the CHA countdown is now 8 days. The store will be open while we're gone. We have Jessie and Ellen holding down the fort. We'll be back Thursday afternoon exhausted, excited, and extra happy I'm sure!

I hope this little preview satisfies your Basic Grey addiction for now, or at least until we get the product in our store!



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susan said...

The new basic grey sound awesome (pet away Jennifer - how can we be expected to restrain ourselves!!). I'll take one of each. I'm especially intrigued by the Color Me Silly - sounds right up my alley!!

I promise I'm coming to a crop soon - sounds like you gals are having a BALL!!

Good weekend to everyone . . .