Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well, I thought I would escape the flu season unscathed but no such luck. I have been home for the last couple of days with hot tea, chicken soup, and two sympathetic dogs. Oh yeah, and my dear husband who brings me the tea and soup and grumbles about the dogs being in the way!

I heard that we had a wonderful new entry in the 7 Gypsies contest brought in. Can't wait to see it! We also got a new 7 Gypsies order in. We are now stocked with teeny weeny books, circle books, zig zag books, accordian books, and the plain books. We also got more 97% complete stickers and the obviously beloved library pockets.

Here's an inside tip for all of the Basic Grey fans. The new line for CHA includes 5 new papers. We are even getting a sneak peak of them before CHA! Seems they have a new VP in charge of marketing and he will be paying us a visit! Shhhhhhhh! It won't be for a week or so, so keep reading the blog!

Here's another inside tip...Jennifers Baby Book Bag class is filling up. Call soon to reserve your spot.

This Friday is Superstitious Chick Flick Friday. Fun movies, 13 prizes, dinner, and chocolate! We had soooo much fun last Friday, I even stayed for one whole movie, which if you know me, is really pushing the envelope. Maybe I'll actually catch up on all of the flicks I've missed. It will take two years worth of crops but there's hope.

We will be adding pictures of the store for those of you who have never been in or haven't been in for awhile to watch our transformation from very small to 1/2 of the store. Those antiques better watch out we're taking over! And (this is very exciting) Susan Keuter has offered to help me learn more about blogging. Hopefully we'll have a cute banner up on our page like she has. Thanks Susan!

Well, I hear a cup of tea calling my name so,

TNT (til next time)


Jennifer said...

I hope I get to see you tomorrow.

susan said...

Kim - LOVE LOVE LOVE 97% complete tags from 7Gypsies. Too cool!!

And VP Basic Grey is coming to the store...KEWL!! Keep the blog updated and we'll mob the place!!!!

feel better so we can work on the banner...