Saturday, January 28, 2006

We're off! We leave tomorrow morning for CHA!!! Not too excited huh? DH is getting so tired of hearing about it I bet he wishes we were leaving tonight! So, it's 9:30 and I am sitting here blogging. Doing laundry, packing, and waiting for DH to finish taking pics for e-bay so I can take the new (awsome) camera with me. That took some negotiating. Good pics are a must at CHA. Never know who you're gonna run in to.

Today was totally hectic. And I mean that in a good way. It's almost like someone turned the light bulb on in our store and now everybody can see us! Jennifer taught an awsome class today (she's so creative). It's so much fun to see everyone come out of the classroom energized and ready to be creative!

We have 2 new teachers joining us. Jenny Coombs (Memory Lane) is teaching a class in March. A definite "must do" for all of you 7 Gypsies people! And if you're not sure what a "7 Gypsies" person is, take the class and you'll be hooked. We also have Aubrey Perkins teaching a Teen class. Appropriate, since she is a teen. She has made the best pages for teens. Think about SASSY or Girls Night Out. They are awsome and totally TEEN! Call the store for info. or check the web site. Of course, you'll have to wait until we get back, since all I can do is blog and Jennifer has to update the web site! I am not web site savvy.

So, I think the dryer is done and I can finally finish packing. Packing will be light so I have plenty of room to bring home any and everything I can find at CHA!! We'll do our best to keep you updated while we are there (providing the laptop works). I'm off to pack!



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