Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Did you guys notice the change?

Our blog has been officially Keuterized!! Susan Keuter came by yesterday with her super
fancy camera and took some pics of the store. She used one of them to make us a banner for the blog! So we're Keuterized!! Thanks so much Susan. On top of stopping by and using her camera skills, she has agreed to teach her famous "100 Things I Love" class on February 4th. Pictures will be posted on our web site shortly. Her own personal sample of "100 Things I Love" is also in the store on display. This is a super fun class and it makes a great gift for Valentines day or a little something for yourself! Call right away to sign-up.

Speaking of Valentines Day...I have ordered some of the cutest V-Day paper from
Bo-Bunny Press and heart shaped board books! I feel a class coming on...I'm sure Jennifer will come up with something fantastic. I'll keep you posted. We also have a super deal on stamps from Inkadinkado. All of their Valentines stamps are buy 2 get 1 FREE. This special will run until the end of February, perfect for making all your sweeties cards and gifts.

Todays new products! We got Roll On Love Transfers. That's right, Roll On! I can't wait to use these. We also have new soft charms for your pet pages and locket charms for your girly pages.


1 comment:

susan said...

You're welcome problemo!!

(Hey, love the larger font size on the body text - easier to read for those of us with, ummm, poor lighting, yeah, poor lighting!!)

Heart shaped book boards - sounds very interesting...might have to swing myself by there today or tomorrow!!

See ya girls...