Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hi Everyone,

We are writing to you from the cyber cafe on the convention floor at CHA. Woo Hoo! It has been a couple of very long days. Just so you don't panic, rest assured that Basic Grey has been ordered and we were guaranteed preferential treatment! Yeah right! Should be shipping on February 13th. All five lines including the new gorgeous ribbons. And 7 Gypsies, no problemo...got it. We have pictures, but, as I was afraid of...we can only get dial-up internet and it kicks us off before we could ever download pics. You'll just have to wait until we get home.

Big news...got the Tim Holtz personally authgraphed stamp plus picture! Yeah baby... We also got some great tips from him today during his demo, which of course prompted us to order more Ranger Ink supplies ( be quiet Chris :) We also talked to him about teaching a class in our store which will have to be next year due to his oh so busy schedule. Can you believe he's already booked for 2006? We have had a special connection with him since he did give Jennifer his bag of chips at CHA last year. LOL Do you think he even remembers that? Oops Jennifer just informed me that she DID remind him.

Seriously, we have had a wonderfully exhausting time. We have one more class tonight before we can head back to the hotel. And darn it, there are no slot machines in the Convention Center. I thought Vegas had slots everywhere! I guess they figure we are getting into enough trouble on the showroom floor.

So, I guess that's enough for now. We'll be heading back on Thursday. Come by the store if you can't wait to see the pictures. I'll get them on here as soon as I can!

Kim and Jennifer

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susan said...

woo-hoo!! I love it when the post-convention-adrenaline-high is still in FULL FORCE!! did you just about DIE when you saw all that Basic Grey in one spot!! OH MY. Did you happen to wander by the KI booth?? My other favorite spot!! Lots and lots to drool over - and I was just looking at pictures on-line...you got to see them all in person!! I'm stopping by this week - to say HI and to see if you brought any real life goodies home!!! HUGS to you Vegas girls!!!