Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I am actually sitting here blogging during "Superstitious"
Chick Flick Friday. Mostly because the room is entirely too full of scrappin' chicks and this is the one time of the day where I have some peace and quiet in the store.

Boy, did we get some new product in today! Just think of Paris. Yep, that's right...more Paris stuff just to feed my addiction. The Brenda Walton Maison Metal Art and Metal Brads are here!!! They are gorgeous. Heck, the metal art piece of the Eiffel Tower is good enough to wear, let alone scrap with it. We also got some new K & Company paper that goes beautifully with the metal art and brads. We are now fully restocked with a full assortment of Life's Journey Kraft Scrapbooks. And...Creating Keepsakes TOP TEN issue is here. Lot's of layouts, ideas, and tips. For all of you Tim Holtz fans there is an article with his Top Tips To Try. Lots and lots of fun stuff in this issue.

As promised here is the picture for Susan Keuter's class on February 4th.

The class will be limited to 6 and the cost is $65. You will choose the "100 Things" you love and Susan will bring them to the class already printed and ready to go. If you have any questions or to sign up just call the store. This makes a great gift for that special person for Valentines Day. So much fun to sit and think of 100 things that you love about someone!

There is one spot left in Judy's class "Let's Do Tags" on January 21st. If you don't want to come alone we could probably squeeze one more person in!!

I gotta tell ya, I am so grateful to all of you that have helped our little store. We look back at where we started 1 1/2 years ago in just a tiny little corner of this store and compare it to where we are now and wow! Jennifer, Laurie, and myself would sit here on Friday nights and wonder if the classroom would ever fill up and now there's a room full of giggly scrappers back there eating, laughing, and oohing and ahhing over each others pictures. So fun!

Hope you are all having as much fun as we are tonight!




Scrappin' Pirate said...

I would like to say, that I had a fab-u-loso time at the spooky Friday the 13th Chick Flick Friday crop! (Although I am going to have to rent Bewitched...:) You're store is beautiful and you two, Kim and Jennifer, are great store owners. Thank you for making my evening. I will DEFINITELY be back, especially now that I know where to park. ~ Charity

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you came to our Superstitious Chick Flick Friday!
It was great fun having you and Maelynn here to win some prizes. I hope you both will come back and share your scrapping talents with us.