Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What in the World?
With so much to say, you'd think that we'd blog a little more...

All of these globes are down in our basement awaiting Chris Randall's Generations Around the World class. The class is going to be on Saturday, June 13th. She has been very busy this last week...seeking out and collecting...well, GLOBES!

Here's Chris' class example~the things this woman comes up with is absolutely amazing!

Here is some of todays INCOMING!
Restocked Basic Grey papers, stickers, chipboards, and rub-ons.

K & Company Ephemera & Chipboard packs~ These were the beautiful packs that Lisa Super used in the Dress Form Tag class, and honestly, we don't have that many, so if you want them you should really call us to hold them for you.

We also have the newest edition of Mary Jane's Farm! Celebrating the 4th of July and Biscuits...yum!

Some of the latest Collection paper packs ~Little Boy and Birds.

Oops, we almost forgot about this surprise~

Ellen is teaching her "Oh the Things I Love" class this Saturday, there are still spots left so hurry to reserve yours, we think that this will be the very last time she does it. She has just enough goodies for her Flea Market to teach it this one last time.

There will be more INCOMING tomorrow too so hold onto your hats!


lifeheARTist said...

ACK! For some reason the only pics i can view are the ones that you took of the globes & Ellen's class book. *sigh* I saw those Globes on Friday night and wondered what you had planned... lesson in geography? LOL!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Yeah - not many pics happening here. Must be a blogger burp during their "maintenance"???

Anonymous said...

Dang it! And I can't even fix it from home! I think you guys would like the pictures a lot. LOL!

CeCe said...

Well, get it fixed as soon as you can! Smile

JWood said...

i can see the pics now! WOOT!