Thursday, May 28, 2009

We want to thank CeCe...

She wrote this wonderful article about our store that's in Country Register's Current issue.
If you click on the link CeCe's story starts on page 10.

And if you read CeCe's Blog~ N Your Dreams, she talks about our Altered Apron Silent Auction. Our auction is for a great cause, it's for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark. CeCe is willing to pay for any of the Altered Aprons shipping. So if you live in another sate and want to bid on one of these aprons you won't have to pay for us shipping it to you. That is brilliant CeCe.
Thanks so much for offering.

Bernie is asking everyone to contact Animal Planet and tell them that A Place to Bark needs to have it's own Reality Show. Bernie has posted a video on YouTube asking everyone to Twitter to Animal Planet, but since we don't Twit I found the link for you to contact Animal Planet. So please write them and email, or comment on their Facebook page about A Place to Bark.

Thanks to all of you for helping out.

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