Sunday, May 24, 2009

This teacher uses power tools!

Caroline taught another form of her infamous canvas books which requires the use of many power tools.

Here's just a bit of the supplies she brings in for her students to use. It usually takes Caroline 3 trips from her car to the classroom to bring everything in.

Here's her happy class and some of the power tools they used to put this fun recipe book together.

This is the second class of the day. Patti has become our in house family history teacher. She taught "Once Upon A Time" to this group of ladies.

This fun fold out book was made to tell a family story and lucky for these ladies they were all related to Patti and the people in Patti's book. They didn't have to come up with photos or a story. Patti did the work for them. Same family, same story, and a great family get together!

This sweet lady was waiting for me to open the store this morning and she made my day! Joan has been coming from Chicago since we first opened our doors almost 5 years ago. She always has so many compliments for our store. She loves the type of product we carry and was back to stock up before she has to leave. She loved the yummy Graphic 45 paper line Communique. It's right up her alley since she worked for the phone company for many years. Thanks for popping in Joan and I hope your special day turned out beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

That made my day too!
Thanks for coming back in today Joan.