Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our classroom was smokin'... literally smokin'

Mike started the morning off with pots and pots of beeswax for his Grandma's Woods class. These students bravely jumped right in after learning everything they needed to know about safely using this medium.

Each student created something different based on their own vision. Mike brought suit cases full of pictures and transparencies that they had the freedom to dig through and use to their hearts content.

Each student had their own story to tell.

Not one board looked alike. Or looked like the class sample for that matter.

That's what everyone loves about Mike's classes. Creative freedom and lots of ephemera and images to choose from!

The second "smokin" class of the day was with Josie.
The soldering irons were fired up and ready to go!

Josie said the creative mojo was really flowing with these students. They all created scrabble initial necklaces encased in glass. When class was over they joked that they have started a private club and they have to wear their necklaces and have a private handshake. That's what we love about our classes, students, and's all about creative fun!

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lifeheARTist said...

creative mojo indeed! The projects looked amazing & not surprised at all... i've met some very talented people at your store & classes!