Thursday, May 14, 2009

As Promised...
Today's Incoming...Cosmo Cricket!

We have Spinner Cards~ Look at the Spin the Bottle! It's so cool, it looks just like an old coke bottle.

And Cosmo's Newest line...
Early Bird this line is amazing, it has tons of retro kitchen and it's full of kitsch too.
We can't get over the polka dots!

This is Cosmo's Vintage Bridal line
Everafter...this line has gorgeous colors and fun vintage images. The chipboard stickers and rub-ons are very pretty. Some of our Adirondack inks and paints match this line perfectly.

We also brought in Cosmo's Halfway Cafe...we think it's very rustic and perfect for July 4th!

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Love the spinners the best! I'll have to stop by next week. I'm gone camping for the weekend.... Lots of news to catch you up on!!