Friday, September 14, 2007

The Very Latest in GLIMMER...

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist!

This stuff is the glimmeriest. We have Glimmer Mist in 16 different colors. You just spray it on and after it dries it is absolutely beautiful. You have to see it to believe it! It works great with Ranger Distress inks because they are both water based products. We might have to think about using this with our next make and take (to be announced later).

We also want to let everyone know that we just got in more of the Melissa Frances Fall papers, Halloween stickers, and glitter that we so quickly sold out of a coulpe of weeks ago. Make sure you come and get it while it's here this time. So pretty, it makes Fall seem like it's here already.

1 comment:

carlene federer said...

Glimmer Mist??? WTH??? That sounds like the coolest thing EVER!!! I'll be in this weekend, and you girls can tell me how in the heck to use this stuff!!!