Saturday, September 08, 2007

They came in Limos....

They came from as far away as Japan! Here is Kyoko with her personal tour guide Lena!

And Nova Scotia, Canada

Tracey Niehues stopped by and she loved the store!

Last week Mystic Paper was hopping! We were visited by literally hundreds of wonderful ladies that were here for Creative Escape. They shopped, they shared stories about their stores at home, or lack there of. They all had a great time and truly were

enjoying themselves at Creative Escape! For more insight as to exactly how much fun Creative Escape was and some thoughts on the classes visit the blogs of Jules, Kip, and Janet. What a great group of ladies from Florida. Boy, I wish I could have been with that group. It sounds as though they had a blast!

If you're wondering how we kept track of our adventurous guests here is the wonderful guest book that Judy whipped up for us on a moments notice! Judy was literally our saving grace this week. She dropped what she was doing to come in and work since we were just a little short handed. And she taught a class this weekend that I (kj) got to take. Loved the class and thank you again Judy, so, so much!


carlene federer said...

Looks like you were super busy with the "escapees", good for you!
Quick question, I notice you carry some of the TweetyJill Publications titles...are you gonna carry the new one called Altered Art Projects? Do you know when it's gonna be out?
Thanx for the info!

Jules said...

Please please tell me I can order on-line! I want the Christmas clear stamps and the chipboard and the ....well, you get the idea. Love to link you on my blog. Please let me know. Too much fun to see us and yes, we always have far too much fun!
Signed, one of the Florida gals.

Anonymous said...

loved your store! we were the ones in the limo...any way we could get a copy of your picture? thanks. Bree Ross (

Valerie said...

I also loved your store you have awesome product!...I was the other in the limo with Bree can I also get a copy of the picture :) thanks so much!