Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is soooooo 2003!

That's right, we have product from 2003 and we couldn't be happier. Who would think that we would ever find 7 Gypsies Tissue Paper? We sure didn't. But lo and behold we are the proud owners of just about every tissue paper 7 Gypsies produced. Come and get 'em while they're here because they're going fast and this time for sure "when they're gone, they're gone!"

Now for some new product. Brand new Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamps. You've gotta love them!

You've been asking for a wider variety of inks and we're listening to you. Here's Versafine in some great colors!

We can't think of anyone who doesn't want to solder. We now have lots of different sizes of glass, just for all of you...

Lead free solder and flux... and if you've always wanted to learn how to solder we have a class being taught by Josie Cirincioni on October 13th!

And the beautiful Prima Paper "Steel Toe Mary Jane". It's back!
Everyone has been saying how difficult it is to find Golden Gel Medium Soft Gel so we stocked up for you!
And those cute little French Hangers that we sold out of during Creative Escape...they're back too!
We were also sold out of the Memory Gates...but alas...

We have more!

Here's another item that "once it's gone, it's gone". We have three Magnetic Screen Doors left and then- that's it!

Yes, we have more Photo Holders Frames too!

And the Memory Gate Easels!

So now you're thinking I missed out on these and I don't live in Arizona. Well, we will gladly ship anything you want for exactly the cost of the postage! Just give us a call!


dedra said...

Wow, I gotta get some of the glass you ladies have brought in....The pieces of glass I'm working with are a little big....You have some great stuff coming through the doors....
Talk to you soon!!!

art-creations said...

i would like to buy one of the memory gates, but i live in germany. Please can you say me how high shipping is?
here my email:

Emily H. said...

I'm very excited to see all the product. Lots of fun combinations abound in this post!

michelle said...

I am having fun over here creating with the glass! It was fun visiting the other day! :)

Michelle M White said...

I tell you girls..your store ROCKS! I so wish I lived closer. (Plus that - I could hang out with you two!!!) Maybe Helle and I will visit soon,; we need a get-a-way weekend!!! Miss you all.

carlene federer said...

OK, am signing my friend up for the soldering class...cuz I want her to make me soldered stuff, and I know that I am just not capable, I would set my self/your store on fire if I was allowed near soldering stuff, lol!