Thursday, September 06, 2007

Business Section...

of the Mesa Tribune today, (it was actually Thursday, but I accidentally posted this on Kim's blog-jw) there's an article about keeping scrapbooking alive and guess who was featured? US! The article if you would like to read it is linked below. Sidebar: I would like to point out the paragraph about our prices compared to the "M" store. In the article he does say that we sell some permanent adhesive for 20 cents less, but what he didn't say is that we also have a Bare Elements item for $1.00 less and yet another Bare Elements item for $4.50 less! So if you purchased the same three items here instead of the M store you would save $7.20. That's a huge savings. -jw

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dedra said...

Well, you girls seem to be doing fine with Mystic Paper and you work hard and long hours...You both should be so pleased with all of the success!!! You both deserve it and the sky's the limit!!!

You both look so cute dressed for fall!!!
Talk to you soon!