Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you say "Oh My Gosh"

We have four new magazines from Stampington & Company that are simply gorgeous. You definitely will want to take them home and curl up on your favorite chair to savor these!

First is Somerset Memories and guess who is published in this one? Our own Judy Bidwell is on the top left hand page. We really think they should have shown more of this project. It's a goody. Maybe she'll bring it in to store sometime so we can show it off. Hint hint!
This is a new publication for Stampington called Apron~ology. Honestly, we didn't get it at first. How can you publish a whole magazine about aprons? Well, we get it now! This magazine is full of amazing aprons that were created by artists across the Country. Lots of Aprons with attitude. There is one very special apron on page 67 that was created by our very own Carlene Federer who is all cowgirl through and through! Did you know you were all ours Carlene? Well, you are!

This is the second issue of Where Women Create. This issue is chock full of studios that will make you drool or swoon, which ever you choose!

And last but not least, another issue of Artful Blogging. Are you suffering with bloggers block? You know who you are but we're being nice and not naming names. This issue will inspire you to get back to it. Honest, it will!

If you have to have any of these magazines and can't get here right away just give us a call and we'll hold one for you. We're nice like that! These tend to fly out of here.


Judy said...

I will bring it to the store once I receive it back from Somerset. I am sorry they didn't show more of it, too. It really has a lot of good stuff in it. I haven't gotten my issue yet -- still waiting!

sherry said...

I absolutely need Apronology. I just know I do!

CeCe said...

Have just had the most delightful time catching up with all that is going on at Mystic. Problem is I know I have just spent a lot of $$$ in my mind. I want all the magazines. Oh My. Hope to get by there today. I am just in town for the weekend. I should be packing up a closet but would rather buy more stuff! CeCe

carlene federer said...

just don't drool WHILE you're swooning, otherwise you could choke...LOL!
Do you guys have that ink blending tool like the one Heidi Swapp is using in her CHA demo that's on her blog?