Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Were you wondering what we have been busy doing?

We have been moving the classroom and painting and rearranging for this!

Here's a better idea of what's to come.
(But ours won't be illustrated) And here's what we have so far, today. Pretty new slat wall, waiting for new product.

Here are some of the projects that you will see at the Creative Bar during one of our "Happy Hours"

We'll have more photos later. We will also announce when we will have our first official
"Happy Hour"



Emily H. said...

Loving the little birds and the brightly colored banner! Can't wait for happy hour!

Linda Albrecht said...

Jennifer!!! How cool that you are going to be carrying Creative Cafe!!! I hope that you'll like the projects that we have done for the Artbar. I am in love with all of the product--hope that it goes well for you! Make sure to take pictures so that I can see your customers creating. Linda