Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Boy, have we been busy today!

Lots of new product came in today. How long have we all been waiting for this Crackle Paint? Well the wait is over. It's here! All 24 luscious colors!

Restocked Clear Acrylic Halloween Stamps from Rusty Pickle.

Lots of new ribbon for Halloween.

Velvet Ribbon in lots of pretty vintagey (yes we know this really isn't a word) colors.

Fun Pom Pom Ribbon.

Oyster and Pearl Ribbon...this is gorgeous!

Satin Ribbon, look at all of these choices!

Looking for something a littler wider? Try these 1 inch striped ribbons.

These pretty little multi-colored striped ribbons will spice up your projects!

We're stocked back up with the Rusty Pickle Black File Folder Books. Perfect for Halloween.

And last but not least, Rusty Pickle Star Hardware Buttons. Why? Because Jennifer says they're cool!

With much more to come while we blog tomorrow. We just barely got everything out of the boxes and it's almost time to go home!

1 comment:

Judy Bidwell said...

I love those ribbons! Get your scissors ready! I am on my way to see you!!