Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Round two...more product!

This is the cutest set of French Alphabet Flash Cards ever. They're made of chipboard so they're nice and sturdy. Wouldn't they make the best books!

And yet another set of French Alphabet Cards...

Not such a good picture, but these are gorgeous Christmas Postcards. Very glittery!
And the Winter Wonderland Stamps oh so pretty and vintage looking.

Did I mention that all of this new product is from Cavallini? These are two new Carte Postale sets. New York and Vintage Maps.

And two new sets of Luggage Labels & Tags.

And how about some new Cavallini Wrap Sheets. Everyone needs a skeleton for Halloween!

Here's a look at the whole Cavallini ladder of paper. Can you pick out the new paper?

Here's a close up of my new favorite. The Vintage Christmas Postcards. Oh so pretty!

We also have the long awaited new Daisy D's Christmas. Get ready to make some Christmas projects! The cardstock tags and stickers are so pretty.

Here's a close up of some of the paper.

And yet some more beautiful paper!

These Rub Ons are to die for!
And these cute little guys are Rub On tape runners that are a sewing stitch design and we just found out that Daisy D's is sold out of them completely. So if you need one, you'd better call us to hold it for you, or better yet, get in here!


domesticbliss said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! May you make it your best year ever!!

domesticbliss said...

I have to have that skeleton paper for our haunted house!!! You all must come and see it!

Jennifer and Kim said...

O.K. Kristen! We'll make sure your haunted house is adorned with skeleton paper!