Friday, August 24, 2007

A Gorgeous Magazine and....
time to toot a couple of our teachers horns! This is a project submitted by Judy Bidwell that was published. Of course it was taken apart for photographing but isn't it fun? As soon as Judy gets it back from the magazine she will set a date to teach it here!
And this three page spread is a project that Josie Cirincione was asked to submit to the magazine. Her soldering projects are amazing! Would you like to learn to solder with Josie?
You can on October 13th right here at Mystic Paper! Watch the web site for more info.

This is the back side of the hanging charms. So much fun! And oh, this special Holiday Edition of Somerset is available here.

We also have the new issue of Somerset Studio. It is chock full of great Halloween projects.

Did you all read the last e-mail we sent out? Hint, hint, hint...

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Emily H. said...

Yea! Finally there will be soldering! I can't wait!