Friday, August 17, 2007

Can this possibly be the prettiest paper and chipboard ever?

We're thinking it is! This paper line is from Prima who is better known for their flowers than paper or chipboard. This line is called...(are you ready for this?) Steel Toe Mary Jane. O.K., we admit it, we don't get the name but the paper is stunning. They are all double sided and the chipboard is sensational.
This line is called Rue 88 and has a real French flair!

More Rue 88. All double sided.

And more Rue 88.

Coordinating Chipboard for Rue 88.
Coordinating Chipboard for Steel Toe Mary Jane.
More gorgeous Chipboard!Another view of the Chipboard.
And of course, more of their beautiful flowers! These pictures don't even do justice to the beautiful colors and designs that are in these new papers and chipboard. You better get in here to see them in person before they're all gone.


Ann said...

Sweet! I'll be in tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm in...Love, love, love, the colors. Can't wait to see.

Judy Bidwell said...

Is there any left?? I'll be up in a day or two -- after I recover from the whirlwind trip to Payson!

Judy Bidwell said...

PS - Are steel toe Mary Jane's tap shoes??

Peggy said...

I'm loving it too... I'm thinking the name refers to shoes - steel toed boots and mary janes... maybe the mix of feminine and macho?