Friday, July 06, 2007

This is the prize...

All vintage, bingo card, catalog pages, wallpaper, seam binding, bling, crochet rounds, buttons, and beautiful flowers! Hmmm, I wonder who won?

Here's Tucker picking a name...Drum roll please...

It's Emily H.!!!! She's a local girl, so come by any time Emily!!!

Here's what we got delivered today. So many boxes they're taller than Tucker!

Gretchen is just giddy about her gorgeous gate...oops, that's right the Memory Gates are back! You all know how fast these go so don't wait!!!

More Gates!

Alot of you have been looking for storage jars. We have had the large pickle jars for awhile but now we have their little sisters, the little pickles...huh? Jennifer says they are Gerkin Jars.

And, if you like clear jars, these are awsome. They have solid glass lids that just sit on top. They are embossed with the words Biller & Jones St. Louis MO. We think these will be perfect for jar fairies and the like.

And there you have it, another day at Mystic Paper!!! Oops NO WAIT A MINUTE... How could I forget the vintage Bingo Bears? How cute are these guys? They have bingo cards attached to them and a cute little bingo hat. We were only able to get four of these cute little guys, so hurry down if you are thinking about getting one. For all of you out of staters we will gladly ship them to you. Just give us a call, 480-834-0286. -kj


Emily H. said...

How fun that you guys have an Etsy shop, too! Cute tags!

Judy B. said...

WHAT!!! When did you start the Etsy shop?? I have got to pick your brains about this one! I want to start one, too! Got all these wonderful things to see, too!