Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday's Fun!
Who knew a Sunday in Downtown Mesa could be so much fun... look who stopped by Michelle White, Helle Greer, Mendy Mitrani, and Lilia Meredith. Helle and Michelle were in on Thursday too, but treated us to another visit on Sunday. Can I just say I wish all of you lived closer, o.k. I'll change that...I wish we lived in San Diego! All of these girls were just so much fun. Can't wait for Helle's and Michelle's store to open. Road trip for Jennifer, Lilia, and me.
Lilia and Mendy met online a few years ago and this was their first in person meeting. They are going to have a blast for the three next days.

And this lovely lady is Karla. She was here for Sparkle Bella too. What a genuinely nice person. We'll definitely be keeping in touch! We need to bring her into the blog world. Since she's a So. Cal girl we plan on hooking up at the next CHA. Since she couldn't get a flight out until tomorrow she spent a good part of the day in Mystic Paper. She even was helping with sales! Now that's a team player. No pay, just work!

This was just a great weekend. We so appreciate everybody coming in, loving our store, giving us feedback, and just being the great women that you are!


Helle Greer said...

Thanks you two! You are just the BEST!!! I wish we were closer much fun we could have! We'll just have to visit again! Your store rocks!!! I'm still unpacking my purchases!

Michelle M White said...

That's my comment...not Helle's. I don't know why her name came up - although we were sharing my computer while in Arizona! Sorry for the confusion!

Helle Greer said...

Well Girls, here is a little note from me as well. Just got on my computer, and have to be on here all night to get a lot of stuff done.
It was such a treat to come back to visit you again, your store is simply AmaZinG, love everything you have done to your new space.
Hope you see you all again very soon, say Hi to your darling hubby next door as well, love all his findings.

Anonymous said...

It was a delightful trip to Mystic Paper! Running into other Sparkle Bella's. Very friendly place to cruz around and look at so many different trinkets and treasures. Spending many hours with Kim & Jennifer. In their antique store, next door, I was touched to see they carried Josef Originals. My grandmother's company, in which, my mother was a designer for, too.
This Southern California girl will certainly show you around town, to shop hop, when CHA comes around! Ellen needs to get to the store, Paris to the Moon. (No website yet, ladies.)

Thanks for the Hospitality : )

mendytexas said...

I had such a great time meeting all of you with Lilia! The shopping was GREAT! Everyone is so talented and sweet. I sure wish you lived closer to me....come on down to Texas!