Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not the only game in town...

Wait! This isn't our UPS driver...it's none other than FedEx!
Our FedEx driver brings us great stuff too!

I am so excited to have Foof-a-Life books in! Foofala has always been one of my very favorite lines, especially the old designs. This is a must have book for everything sparkly and pretty. Just one look and you'll fall in love. We are also excited to have all the lovely ladies coming to the valley this weekend for SparkleBella over at Scrapbooks Ect. We invite all of you hard working sparkly ladies to come into the store this weekend to visit when you get a chance.

Talk about gorgeous rub-ons! These take the cake- I don't think they will be around for long.
And my beloved Foofala, restocked School Days papers and some Foofabets.
more Happily Ever After papers...perfect for baby books.
more Pish Posh papers...the CROWNS are back, it's the ATC must have paper.

More Going Places papers and beautiful rub-ons.
I'm not sure if you have all noticed, but Mystic Paper is now going through a Bird phase. Not to replace the Paris phase, but we think Birds go with the need to be free this Summer. Kim just told me that Paris AND Birds go together, just think Paris in the Springtime. It sounds like we have many different seasons going on in here! I'm just glad that our air conditioning works and it's quite nice in here (115º outside).

The most exciting news is this- We have MORE Memory Gates in! YEAH! If you missed out the last time, we just got them in yesterday, along with their matching little photo stands. So Cute!

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Emily H. said...

Much Foof-a-fun to be had by all! I'm sure I will be in soon to take a look-see!