Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Back and Better Than Ever!

We are trying to be more active with our posts and now we are going to keep the Mystic Paper blog all about the store, upcoming events and product. Then each of us will have our own blog to ramble about with. A big thanks once again to Susan Kueter for helping us out with the new header. We hope to keep this whole thing up and running at the very least to our expectations... so please be patient while we keep updating and changing things around.

We also want everyone to know about the upcoming class at the CK Mesa Convention, taught by our own Jennifer Wagner. here is a better photo of the project on our website. To register for this class visit it is being offered 12:30 - 1:30 pm (Friday, Apr. 20) and 12:30 - 1:30 pm (Saturday, Apr. 21). This class will be fast paced and full of techniques.

Right now Kim is very busy, doing busy work. I have been on the computer since 8:30 am this morning editing photos and posting them on our website. Sending an email to our customers, posting classes onto our class schedule for February. I am tired...when does American Idol come on?

I know what I wanted every to know. That I, Jennifer Wyatt, Co-Owner of Mystic Paper am starting a national phenomenon, okay maybe it's more of a trend. I'm officially calling it Scrap Papering. It's wall papering with scrapbook papers. Man is it ever so cute! Here is a photo of the cutest little girls bedroom ever that I hung last week, along with the help of the lovely Kim.

About 80% of the papers were Basic Grey. We also used the
Cricut to cut out the crowns and words for the second wall.
How cute is that?!!!
I have already alerted my friends at Basic Grey about it.
So now just you wait and watch the trend go crazy!


Judy B said...

It's about time you two got going on this! You need to be doing this at least 5 out of 7 days a week! Blogs are for talking about what you are doing and what is new! Keep it up!!

Sarah said...

Looks magnificent! Did you use regular wallpaper paste or Modge Podge?

Aaron said...

The room is gorgeous, and such a great idea. You are a creative genius!!! Did you have to prep the paper in some way or just use regular wallpaper glue or Modge Podge?

Jennifer said...

To answer everyone's questions about the scrap paper wall, I just used regular wall paper paste, on both the wall and the paper. The tricky thing is the paper itself, it's pretty thin so you have to be extra careful cutting it. ~ Jennifer