Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guess what we did today? Think about what is coming up at the end of this month!
We did our 7 Gypsies pre-show order! They have two new lines of paper that are to die for. The names are Hudson and Milano. Just the names alone are yummy! And paper isn't the only new product. They have new stamps, knobs, stickers, brads and who knows what else! If you want to see some pictures before we leave come on in. Granted they're only pictures, you can't actually touch the products but you can still drool over them! We also have a huge order on the way from 7 Gypsies. All of the things that have been out of stock for so long like.......Book Bras. That's right, they're on the way. And, more circle stamps. Don't you just love them! Mindy who is our 7 Gypsies right hand person is so good to us. She just called to let me know that they are donating all of the 7 Gypsies product that we need for the class that we are sponsering at the Mesa Convention. If you have ever wondered what Color Wash is all about and how you could use it you better sign up for this class. In addition to 7 Gypsies taking care of us, Creative Imaginations really out did themselves in the donation department. We are so fortunate to have the best independent rep there is, Kerry Verana. She reps for alot of companies but Creative Imaginations is our fav. With a class that is all Creative Imaginations and 7 Gypsies who wouldn't want to take it!
We hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening!

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LenaS said...

Awesome!!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of this new stuff. I signed up for Mesa CKC class on the first day. Glad you will be there. Thanks so much for the sneak peek. 7 Gypsies rock!