Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can I Whine?

Well, we all know that I can whine, but I mean right now. Is it wrong to whine at Christmas time? Isn't Christmas kinda like Disneyland, always happy? Now, don't get me wrong I'm happy for the most part and grateful for all that I have, it's just that this Christmas my daughter and 2 grandsons can't come to Arizona and I don't get to go to Colorado. So there it is, whine, whine, whine! She sent this cute picture which of course makes me teary. And she'll be at home in Colorado without her husband who is spending his second Christmas in Iraq. Not right is it? She sent me some pictures of him in Iraq and an e-mail that his CO sent to the families. I thought I would share a little because it makes me see a whole different side of this @#*%*&(^&$$* war. It's the side that the families go through. The unknown like "When casualties occur, it is my policy and that of our Brigade Commander to shut down all morale phones and email." This is a direct quote from the e-mail. What this means is that when she hears on the news that there has been a casualty in the Anbar Province and she hasn't heard from him in a while anxiety runs high. Just reading things like this next quote really brings the word "war" into perspective, "a couple of our companies have been in serious, hours long firefights with a determined enemy." That's just part of the e-mail. It also goes into detail about how many casualties, and wounded there have been. Just to think about these young men and women going through that makes me sad. Sad and proud of my son in law and everyone else that is serving their Country and are away from home this Christmas. Now on a somewhat lighter note here's a picture that you would never expect to come from Iraq. That's Gale (my son-in-law) leading the burro. It was a little mini burro, donkey, whatever. It followed him all the way back to the wire (safe zone) where the CO made him take it back. I seem to remember him always finding puppies when they were younger! Take a look at the rubble behind them. I think those are the building they are living in. See the sand bag bunkers.
So, that's the end of my whining. I feel better. Thanks for listening!

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Judy B. said...

The little donkey is just too cute! Too back he had to go outside the safe zone again!