Saturday, December 02, 2006

LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY.....(see I told you I would start that way Chia)! We have been extremely busy in the store especially today thanks to Chia Wald and Chris Herrmann. They were in the store today doing make-n-takes that were soooooo cute. It's always so much fun to have those two partners in crime spend time here. Not only do they attract a large draw of women to the store but they also keep Jennifer and I in line. Hence, the blog update. This blog is also for the anonymous person that asked for the update.

Our Sonoran Living episode aired last week. Jennifer Wagner did a great job! She's a natural. If anyone got a chance to tape it we would love a copy to play in the store. It's amazing how the camera made the store look. Not that it doesn't look good in person, but somehow that cameraman made it look even better.

We had our last class for 2006 in the store today. All of our teachers are busy working on ideas for next year. We have decided that February will be all about romance. Think Valentine's Day, Paris (oh so romantic)....

Don't forget ATC's are due on the 15th. This month's theme is Winter. We can sure get in the mood for that with the cold weather we've been having. Aren't we spoiled. My daughter calls every day to update me on how much snow has fallen at her house. I feel warmer already just thinking about how cold it must be there. Her husband is in Iraq right now and she is doing all of the shoveling. Yuk!

So, that's my update for now. I will be better I promise. And just so you know, I tried to get Jennifer over here to blog and she said she would do it tomorrow! Hold her to it Chia!!!


Chia said...

LOL! I am such a nag, aren't I? I had a great time today. Mystic Paper customers are just as wonderful as the Mystic Paper owners. :)

Chia said...

Besides being a nag I am a big mouth with too much to say... :) I just posted a new contest on my blog that your customers will be interested in. Anyone who spends $10 or more at Mystic Paper this month can enter to win 2 bottles of Distress ink! Check out the details at