Friday, November 10, 2006


Why? Well, for starters we spent part of the day yesterday with Terri O. She filmed a segment for Sonoran Living with us! We all had a blast. She is truly a nice person. No "I'm a star" personality there. Down to earth and genuine. I think she really liked the store too. She asked us to create a garland that spelled out BELIEVE. We made a couple of different versions and she loved Jennifer Wyatt and Jennifer Wagners version. It is absolutely gorgeous. She did the demo with Jennifer Wagner who was a natural! And, of course, we took pictures. Here's Jennifer and Terri. They could pass for sisters! And us with Terri.

We made up a gallery of work that has been done by our teachers.
So it was a super fun day. We'll let you know when it is going to air. They filmed in the antique store too. Of course DH Rick was the spokesperson. He did a great job. He was meant for stardom. We just need bigger doors at the Johnson household now!
Another reason life is good, this weather. Who could ask for anything more!


Chia said...

Kim, It was great to see you today. I always love visiting the store. :) I'm getting really excited about December 2nd and the FREE Make & Takes!

Anice Stonerock said...

You can watch the Mystic Paper segment featured on the Nov. 27 Sonoran Living Show by going to
Once there, go to the left of the screen and click on Monday's show. Press on the 40 minute piece. The segment is at the end of the 40 minute piece and the beginning of the 50 minute piece.
Anice Stonerock

Anonymous said...