Monday, April 02, 2012

Little Bo Peep!

Saturday's Class...

With The Polka Dot Pixie~ Jenny Hernandez!

Everyone L♥VES Jenny's Paper Clay Classes!
Jenny is great at walking everyone through the sculpting process so there is nothing to be afraid of. She always shares her little tricks of paper clay and ALWAYS tells great stories.

I always try to take Jenny's classes, paper clay is a bit addictive if you have seen my collection that I have going in the shop.
I love to see how everyone's turns out, the are all the same but all different.
Here is someones Little Bo Peep head upside down...super cute!

Here's a finished Bo Peep.
And another Bo Peep.

And mine just kept screaming at me the whole time I was painting her, that she wanted to be Snow White instead!

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