Saturday, September 10, 2011

2nd Friday...

Last Night's Fashion Show...

Meet "Crafty Girl"~ She's a crafting super hero!

Notice the fine detailing on her top with ruffled crepe paper. She is also wearing necklaces designed by Tim Holtz and Jack & Cat Curio! Topping off Crafty Girl's top is a crepe paper rose and ribbon rose.
Mystic Paper's own Kevynn is the designer of this couture paper dress and her sister Alex is the model. There was a Sci-Fi fashion show for Downtown Mesa's Second Friday over at the 101 Gallery. the fashion show was sponsored by our friends at Evermore Nevermore! We had to make up our own character and we came up with Crafty Girl!

Crafty Girl has a pair of Super Scissors~( shocking isn't it?) they have super powers and can cut down villains with one swoop of their blades. They are also very handy for cutting paper.

You can find Crafty Girl making collages up and down Main Street from items she finds along the sidewalk or glittering the walls at Mystic Paper...that is, when she's not too busy fighting villains.

Isn't the back of this dress SO ADORABLE? The skirt is made from wrap sheets from Cavallini.
Alex also has some vintage seam binding flowing through her hair. There's nothing better than a frilly super hero...

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ImagiMeri said...

Hey Jennifer,

Cute outfit, very inventive.

I WANT THE SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you selling them? Can you tell me where to get some?

How are you doing? I came in a week ago and didn't see you.

Big Hugs,