Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Serious Moving Goin' On...

It's that time of year when we order in so much NEW product that we have to move everything around in the shop just to squeeze it all in! And before it gets better it always gets much, much worse.

We had paper trays every where, dust bunnies flying, furniture in the middle of the floor, and baskets full of product waiting for a new home. looks better already!

We moved most all of our vintage finds closer to the front of the shop.

And if any of you read Kim's FB post last Sunday about me and power tools...well, here's what Tucker & I were doing. Cutting down drawers to use them as shelves (I was cutting, Tucker was sanding). I got the idea from CHA at the 7 Gypsies booth. Thanks 7G! I love how they turned out.

We had to move the baby stuff, to squeeze in some other stuff, so we could move that over there, and this over here...

The Vintage Kitchen area is much more spacious now and we will most likely be selling tons of vintage aprons very soon.

There are NEW Easter items at the front of the shop with the gorgeous Karen Foster Vintage Easter line.

We moved all of the NEW Webster's Pages to one spot~in the middle of the shop. (These are the NEW lines.)

NEW ribbon came in today as well. Sheesh! We HAVE been very busy!

NEW & restocked Graphic 45!

Tons of NEW Design Team projects hanging up with the NEW Jenni Bowlin.

And last, but not least...a NEW home for our lovely Cavallini items.

Now we can all rest for awhile, at least until more NEW items come in...I give it a day or two.
Or until I remember all of the NEW stuff I forgot to mention in this post. Come in and tell us what you think of all the movin' around of stuff and things and NEW product.


Michelle said...

Love the drawer shelves!

Paris Cowgirl said...

The store looks great! You and your helpers have been very busy. It's a feast for the eyes!

CeCe said...

Oh my gosh--
I am on overload just looking at the blog---
So want to see this all in person--
Fab idea on the dreawers---
Miss being there to see you---
Hope soon---
Did I say Soon?

Lifeations said...

I LOVE the Drawer/Shelves!! I am going to do that in my studio! Thanks for taking that idea home from CHA. I cant wait to come into the store and check out all the cool stuff!

Judy said...

Looks fantastic, Jennifer! See you soon!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looking great, Jennifer!! I'll be in soon!!

Anonymous said...

It's always adorable! I LOVE your store! It was nice to see you the other day. ;0)

-pamela m.

JWood said...

everything looks GREAT! see you all soon!

LOLena said...

Jennifer, you and Tucker did an amazing job on those 7G inspired drawer shelves. They are awesome and so are you!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone!