Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Encourage Running with Scissors...

The decorative kind or even the kind that cut (if you're careful), but not the movie.

We have more giant scissors for your studio, craft room, or to hang above your table or surface of creativity. These can also be used as a magnetic board...the possibilites are endless. However, we aren't sure if they will cut giant sheets of paper.

This copper rooster is a great find and would be fun in any kitchen(we know it would be cute in our kitchens) . We are wondering what this big guy would look like after taking some alcohol inks to him. Couldn't you just imagine?

We know the saying goes~ Live, Laugh, Love, but how about Laugh, Love, Home? Wait a minute...what happened to the picture of Home and Love? We must have lost them in blogger land. So you'll have to come see the others in person. The three of these words are giant printer's blocks and can be arranged many ways.

Yes, a swan...we were thinking that these would be so cool altered with papers and paints and other stuff~ you know what we're talking about right?

We also found these cute heart hangers, with these you can hang photos, postcards or even clothes they are large enough.

We found some more beautiful file folders and even some Parisian cards.

Here are some more great finds...bottles, bottles, bottles...
Get ready for some altering.

These are ceiling tin book covers ready to add your own pages to. Very pretty.

NEW Melissa Frances! Papers, clear stamps and embellishments.

More of everyone's favorite accordion book! We just can't ever keep these little books in stock, no matter how many we order.


sherry said...

you aren't helping my budget. Guessing a trip to Mystic is on my agenda tomorrow

Peggy Houston, TX said...

It's for posts like this that I cry because I don't live in AZ and can't shop at MP all the time. I would if I could. So much yumminess.

JWood said...

fun new stuff! woot!

M said...

Oh, this is sooooo NOT FAIR! We're in California!