Monday, March 30, 2009


  1. of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.: having but lately come or been brought into being: a new book.
  2. of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time; novel: a new concept of the universe.
  3. having but lately or but now come into knowledge: a new chemical element

After searching the universe for quite awhile we finally found more Vintage Seam many colors. Colors that we haven't had in, purple, red, yellow, and yummy brown.

7 Gypsy's Ephemera...we have the Gypsy set with 15 double sided pieces.

Binding Ring Dangle's that for a product name?
They are in fact charms that dangle and you can hang them from a binding ring. The Paris set is even a little blingy. Oh la la!

And teeny tiny black Mini Paper Clips.

We also have WISH and Crown tickets that we forgot to mention earlier, we have these in whole rolls, or you can buy them individually too.


lifeheARTist said...

Yay! That 7 Gypsies ephemera is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The little charms are super cute too!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

OMG!!! I'll have to see what's going on tomorrow.... besides working on my DT project for YOU!! And, I have the 7G's project!!! YAY!!!

CeCe said...

Hey, Kim and Jennifer,
The highlight of my trip down here will definitely be Thursday afternoon. Bon and I are meeting at Mystic after school. Can't wait to see all this amazing stuff. By the way will you pull a Somerset Life for me. I know I want one!