Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've had visitors...

Meet Scarlett, oh and Tanya Scarlett's person! Miss Scarlett is the most well behaved Boston ever. She lets her human come to Mystic Paper occasionally. Tanya had a 30 day boycott against buying any paper supplies but we bribed Scarlett and she brought her in. We know who runs that household. How could you resist that face!

Yesterday our friend Becky met our blogging friend Tina at Mystic Paper. They've been blogging friends but have never met in person. Tina is here from Texas visiting and working and took some time off to come by the store and meet Becky and Mike. Mike and Tina have traded comments on each others blog too. Tina is a true Texas gal. Love the drawl, her stories were too funny, and she has great taste in sandals! They were adorable. We all spent time sharing stories, ideas, and what ever else came up in conversation. About three hours later it was time for pictures and time to get back to work! If you ever get to meet Tina ask her about snakes and where she parked her motorcycle! Then you can talk about her art, it's amazing!

In the middle of all that Heather Bailey came by to check out her new paper line Fresh Cut! We just got it in and it has been flying out the door. Heather never got to see it in person so, of course, she had to take some home with her. We were already out of a couple of her papers but she got a good selection. She brought her adorable daughter Charlotte with her. She is pictured on the packaging of Heather's Decorative Clear Stamps. She'll be signing autographs soon! Now, did I remember to grab the camera? Of course not. My excuse, I was alone in the store except for about a dozen customers and it totally slipped my mind. Next time, O.K. Heather!
We love it when we have visitors!

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Tina said...

What?? me a drawl?? no way...It was great fun meeting all ya'll and swapping stories and ideas!! Love the store!!! And you gals too!!