Saturday, June 14, 2008


Let's start with the fun shoppers!

Kelsey, Kim H., Majia, Colleen (a blog address coming soon) & Sherry! Off for a fun day of Downtown Mesa.

Our next group was Shannon, Ardeth, and Julie! Do we need to start an enablers anonymous group?

(My fault Ardeth, I couldn't read Kim's writing! -jw)

Next we have Janet & Lori, all the way from Wisconsin! They were staying at the Hilton a few miles away and they were going to walk to their next destination in this heat! We just can't have that, so they got a little ride from Jennifer in Kim's giant truck with great air conditioning.

The first class of the day is Caroline's Travel Journal & Train Case. That was such a great project.

Next was Suzette's- If The Shoe Fits class. Ya gotta love the messy technique filled classes like this one.


kim hesson said...

hey what a great photo! thanks for taking it! we had fun shopping and eating lunch at sweetcakes!

Ardeth said...

As always the three of us love your store and enjoy the atmosphere. I wish you were closer to the west side. Thanks for taking our picture. I should have made sure you knew how to spell my name, no big deal.