Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So, we had a big day in our store. Channel 3 called yesterday and asked if they could do some spots "LIVE" (that's a key word) in Mystic Paper and RJ Peddler Antique Mall. Somehow "LIVE" wasn't an issue over the phone. Calm, cool, and collected Jennifer and I spruced up the store, made plans with our teaching team, and ran through (in our minds) just how we thought it would go. No problem! Wake up at 5:00 am, be at the store by 6:30 ready for live TV. WHATEVER!!! Just watching how Erika Williams and her cameraman Rudy set up and fly by the seat of their pants is enough to send me right into panic mode. Then the countdown begins, "20 seconds, we're going live". PANIC. That's the end of my TV career. Did you see how calm Jennifer and Ellen were? I am destined to stay behind the computer and never venture out and that's just fine with me!
Here's some pictures of the mornings events...
Erika pretending to scrapbook!
Here's "the natural" Rick with Erika
Rudy the cameraman waving

Erika in the classroom with Chris Herrmann

The whole gang after the LIVE show!!! A huge thanks to everyone that got out of bed at that awful hour to be here with us and especially to Chris Herrmann who was prepared with two demos that never got aired. We love you guys!!

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