Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So, we had a big day in our store. Channel 3 called yesterday and asked if they could do some spots "LIVE" (that's a key word) in Mystic Paper and the Antique Mall. Somehow "LIVE" wasn't an issue over the phone. Calm, cool, and collected Jennifer and I spruced up the store, made plans with our teaching team, and ran through (in our minds) just how we thought it would go. No problem! Wake up at 5:00 am, be at the store by 6:30 ready for live TV. WHATEVER!!! Just watching how Erika Williams and her cameraman Rudy set up and fly by the seat of their pants is enough to send me right into panic mode. Then the countdown begins, "20 seconds, we're going live". PANIC. That's the end of my TV career. Did you see how calm Jennifer and Ellen were? I am destined to stay behind the computer and never venture out and that's just fine with me! Here's some pictures from the mornings events.
Here's a picture of the entire group. A huge thanks to all of you that got out of bed so early to come and share the morning with us! You guys are the best!
Now on to more store news. Jennifer Wagner's second version of her A to Z class starts this Saturday and there are still a couple of spots left. The class will finish up on the next Saturday. Don't miss out on this one. You will learn at least 26 new techniques to dress up your pages with different faux techniques. Here are a few pictures of the book and you can now log on to Jennifer Wagner's new blog at www.jwag.blogspot.com and see more pictures of her book and more of her upcoming classes.
Check out the web site for our other teachers upcoming classes. We have some awsome Fall and Thanksgiving classes and we are getting ready to post our Fa la la la la Fest pictures soon. Keep watching for that. Our teachers have out done themselves!

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