Sunday, July 16, 2006

So, are you wondering what we got to do Friday night? What would be so important that we would actually close the store early? Well, here it is. We were invited to a Retailers Appreciation Party hosted by Janna's Gifts and Heidi Swapp.
We saw some of the new Heidi Swapp products and got to use them in break out workshops that were set up throughout the house.

This is the super cute pink neon sign that let us know we were in the right place.

These are our friends from Making Memories Unforgettable in Tucson with Liz Eaton.

And of course, here's Jennifer and Eric Swapp in total shock at the beautiful page she just created! This is why I like being behind the camera!

We had a great time meeting other store owners, sharing ideas and the most fun of all was the product that Heidi and Janna's Gifts sent us home with, not to mention the food!

Today has been a very busy and productive day for us in the store. A little redecorating here and there, and alot of brain storming about CHA next week. What to order? So much new and exciting product out there. Jennifer will be attending CHA while I hold down the fort (can you hear the whining begin?). I'll keep you posted when Jennifer calls to tell me how much FUN she's having and what she is ordering (sniffle). All I can say is that she better come home with lots of STUFF for me!

So, that's it for now. I'm off to my boring job of housework!

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Jolene George said...

I saw some pictures of this on Heidi's blog. I was hoping you girls were there enjoying the fun with the other store owners. Looks like lots of fun. I hope Jennifer brings you back some great stuff from CHA since you have to hold down the fort by yourself....sniff..sniff...maybe this will make her feel bad enough to do just that. :o)
Have a blast at CHA Jennifer!