Friday, February 10, 2006


I never get flowers (sorry DH I spilled the beans) but seriously, I don't. So yesterday
sweet Patricia came by with this beautiful, sparkly bouquet. How sweet was that? My welcome home gift. Ahhhhh! I was totally shocked. Thanks Patricia they make me smile.

When I say I never get flowers I really, really mean it. So, today in walks a delivery man with this beautiful vase of flowers and guess what, they're for me. Now, I'm really shocked. I open the card with this urgency of needing to know who would do this, and guess what, NO NAME. That's right, NO NAME. It says Thank you. For all you do this buds for you. So who is this sweet but very sneaky person. If you know me, you know I can't stand not knowing!!!! You better tell me. I even called the florist and he wasn't telling me anything. Arghhhhh, I need to know!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love them. I need to know who would be so thoughtful so I can thank them. O.K. secret person at least give me a hint.

I can't wait until tomorrow... Sweet Tooth Soiree. I am hoping for a huge turnout for Chris' make -n -takes. Our Ranger Ink order came in today. Now, don't get too excited, it's not the new Distress Inks. We are completely restocked with the original colors and we got some fun new Ranger Ink items that we saw Tim use during his demos at CHA. Speaking of Tim, here's a not so good shot I took of him. He was usually completely surrounded by all of his admirers, so getting a picture at all was difficult. He probably thought I was some weird stalker!!!

He really was the most gracious person. So patient with all of the questions that were being thrown at him.

Here are a few fun shots from CHA. Jennifer is the absolute funnest (is that a word) person to go somewhere with. The Basic Grey paper that says "Live With Intention, Play With Abandon" perfectly describes her. Her intention is to have the best Scrapbook store ever (which she does) and she plays with complete abandon!!

Here she is being serenaded by Barry Manilow. I will never understand the obsession, but to each her own. I thought she was going to make the bus stop in front of the Hotel that had his larger than life poster hanging up.

Here's a super cute picture of Jennifer hamming it up with Eric Swapp. I don't think she really wanted to be in this picture. I just wanted a picture of the shirt. Is that too funny?

With that, I'm signing off. We have a big day tomorrow and I hope I see all of you there!

TNT ~ Kim

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Jennifer said...

Just to explain myself....
I'm not obsessed with Barry Manilow, I have just always loved his music since I was a preteen. And yes, when I saw him in concert back in the day I DID cry, I was so overwhelmed with all the love for his music.