Friday, December 09, 2011

Paper Moon Craftique...

Paper Moon Craftique Update...

Thanks to all the vendors who came and set up very early in the morning with their wonderful hand crafted items. Everyone had such amazing things to sell and I know it took many hours to produce all of them. Thank you again for participating!

Here's a little peek for those of you who missed it...
We didn't have the chance to take photos at everyone's booth, so if you have photos we'd love to see them.

We had so much fun!
Thanks to everyone who came out and faced the cold and rain and hail.
We will be doing it again in the Spring!
A special thanks to Carrie & Betty at Inside The Bungalow!
And to Wendy & Kevynn at Mystic Paper for all of your help!

It was a fun day...until the torrential downpour at about 2 o'clock. Stinkin' weather!
We look forward to The Paper Moon Craftique Spring 2012!
No weather issues next time right?

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